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Day 5 African Adventure 2017

The challenge today was to create a water filter.  All the children were weary but persevered and cleaned the water – to some degree!  Then it was off to create the pipe line for the water to travel down.  This required a high level of team work and impressively there were no disputes.

This week there have been challenges, laughs and successes.  Well done to everyone.

Day 4 African Adventure 2017

After returning, bleary eyed, from a night in the huts everyone enjoyed a walk along the cliffs followed by a scavenger hunt – it was amazing what was found!  Then the children got rather wet carrying water.  The day finished around the camp fire with Chief Caleb in charge.

Day 2 and 3 African Adventure 2017

Over the last 2 days the children have built dens, made a minefield safe, conquered the low ropes and traversing wall and used archery to determine the cutlery they will use at dinner tomorrow.

Everyone has slept well but head for the huts tonight!

Day 1 African Adventure 2017

Year 6 have arrived at African Adventure.  The day was really busy with a selection of team building games, exploring the site and creating a 3D map.  There was much excitement when the children went to their rooms and even more when crumble was served for pudding!  Now everyone is busy weaving before enjoying hot chocolate and a story before bed.

More pictures and news is available on the Bedfield School Blog.

Parent Survey March 2017

Take a look at our parent survey that was carried out by our governing body.

Languages Recognition

In December 2016 we were awarded the BRONZE LINGUAMARQUE for our languages provision.  This recognises the teaching and learning of french in our school as well as  intercultural understanding.

Now we will build on this and aim for silver!

Crumblebot Champs!

Congratulations to Nell and Alice who won BT’s Crumblebot Challenge.  They had to programme the robot to follow a black line.  The one that went the furthest was the winner.

African Adventure 2016 Final Day

Last night we all enjoyed a talent show around the campfire.  There were jokes, songs, magic tricks and gymnastics.  After this the girls headed for the huts. Amazingly the girls had to be woken this morning and had a fabulous sleep in the huts.

There was a special breakfast of beans on toast today and then we had to get packed.  We then headed for the beach and made our own water filter and learnt about how important it is to help get water filters throughout Africa.

After a lunch of hot dogs it was time to say goodbye.

African Adventure 2016 Day 4

I have enjoyed going on the beach today and doing a scavenger hunt.  I found burnt wood, jagged stones and more.  Josh O

The meals have been great and we have got wet quite a lot but not always from the rain!  Sophie

I am really looking forward to sleeping in the huts tonight.  Kathryn

Today we have had loads of fun.  The girls will be sleeping in the huts tonight and we are going to have a talent show and roast marshmallows.  Raven

African Adventure 2016 Day 3

Today was ram packed full of fun as I am sure you will hear about when we get home.  There were plenty of activities to do so we didn’t get bored.  My favourite was the low ropes because we had to work as a team. It had an element of danger but it was really cool.

Dinner was amazing!  Some of us had to eat with our fingers as they do in some countries in Africa.  One group ate on the floor and another group couldn’t refuse food.

After dinner we went outside and went for a blind walk – some of us got slightly wet!

by Fern