Our Governors are:

Active governors and their roles
Name Category of Governor Term of Office Committees Position of Responsibility Register of Business / Pecuniary Interests
Glen Buckingham Local Authority Sept 2014 – Sept 2018 Appeals
Finance and Resources
Employee of Helmingham Hall
Bernie Cleland Headteacher All committees Related to website hosting owner
Nikki Mayhew Parent Sept 2014 – Sept 2018 Hearings
Teaching and Learning
HT Performance
Target Setting  None
Neil Scoresby Co-Opted Oct 2015 – Oct 2019 Appeals
Pupil Discipline
Finance and Resources
Finance and Resources Chair


Judith Hinchcliffe Co-opted Nov 2014 – Nov 2018 Hearings
HT PerformanceTeaching and Learning
Special Educational Needs
ScienceTeaching and Learning Chair
Anneke Borrett Staff March 2016 – March 2020 Teaching and Learning  None
 Jan Fawdry Co-opted Dec 2016 – Dec 2020 Finance and Resources  None
 Amanda Jones Co-opted  Jan 2017 – Jan 2021 Teaching and Learning  None
Past governors and their roles
Name Category Term of Office Committees Position of Responsibility
Louise Berry Parent July 2013 – April 2016 Hearings
Pupil Discipline
HT Performance
Vice Chair
Able, Gifted and Talented
Rosie Hutchinson Co-opted Feb 2012 – Feb 2016 Appeals
Pupil Discipline
Gerraint Harries Parent July 2011 – Term ended July 2015 Finance and Personnel
Judith Brown Staff Resigned Oct 2015 Finance and Personnel

Our meetings are clerked by Peter Lambert. The governing body usually meets twice a term with smaller groups meeting as a Finance and Resources Committee and Teaching and Learning Committee.  The Governing Body Structure and Terms of Reference are available here.

What does the governing body do?

Working with the head teacher, the governors’ main focus is to raise standards of achievement at the school.  We do this in a number of different ways:

  • by receiving and challenging information about the school’s performance and comparing it with past performance and national averages for example.
  • by establishing what the school’s strengths and weaknesses are and deciding on priorities for improvement.
  • ensuring that the school has a school development plan that sets out all the actions to be taken to drive that improvement – and then monitor the progress of the plan.

We also have responsibility for appointing the head teacher and we also determine how the money the school receives from the local authority is allocated.

What don’t we do?

  • Inspect the school – that’s for Ofsted but we do visit the school regularly.
  • Share concerns about staff capabilities or comment about the teaching.
  • Recruit teachers and non-teaching staff.
  • Authorise all expenditure.


All this is done with one goal in mind – to help the school improve.
If you would like to know more or have any ideas please let us know, in the first instance by contacting the Chair via the school office.

Helmingham Community Primary School Governing Body attendance record.

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