Moon class is the middle of the 3 classes at Helmingham. The class currently contains a mix of children from Years 3 and 4.  The class teachers are Mrs Salmon and Miss Scrivener.

In 2016-17 the first topic was Tech Know!  This was followed by Be a Good Sport.  The summer term topic was Awesome Africa.

2017-18 is starting with a topic called Walk Like and Egyptian.

We’ve been reviewing Red House Books all year. We got given the shortlisted books and spent a day voting for our favourite picture book. We have also read lots of the books for older readers. We all love Tom Gates!!!

If you get more than 50 house-points you get a bronze certificate in Thursday’s celebration assemblies. Most of us get a bronze certificate and quite a few have a silver. You have to work hard to get a gold or Headteacher certificate!