School Improvement

At Helmingham Community Primary School we are always striving to improve.  We carefully plan our next steps for improvement based on the needs of our children and this is informed by data analysis, information from the staff, pupils, governors and parents alongside any national initiatives and development points from Ofsted.

The areas we are currently focusing on are:-

Leadership and management    

Key areas for improvement

  1. Ensure all stakeholders have a strong understanding and can articulate the school vision and values.
  2. Strengthen all levels of leadership across the school.
  3. Ensure the school self-evaluation is accurate and evaluative.
  4. Further develop our tracking and assessment to clearly demonstrate attainment and progress for all groups of children.
  5. Ensure the safety and wellbeing of pupils at all time.

Teaching Learning and Assessment

Key areas for improvement

  1. Improve pupil progress in reading, writing and maths to match or exceed national.
  2. Increase attainment in reading, writing and maths so that outcomes match challenging predictions in each cohort.
  3. Improve the use of assessment to inform teaching and learning.
  4. Further embed marking to support children to close the gaps in learning and inform teaching.

Embedded within these areas is the continued focus on OFSTED 2013 key points for development.

Improve consistency of pupils’ progress in writing, particularly in Key Stage 2 by

  • Enhancing their speaking and listening skills
  • Using exemplar materials and contextual resources to guide pupils’ understanding

Make good use of support staff to provide well focussed tasks appropriate to pupils’ group or individual needs.

Personal Development, behaviour and welfare

Key areas for improvement

  1. Embed pupils understanding of how to stay safe on-line
  2. Improve pupils independent learning skills

Outcomes for Pupils

Key areas for improvement        

  1. Improve standards in reading, writing and maths to be inline or close to national for all groups of pupils.
  2. Increase the progress and attainment of pupils who attained 2c at key stage 1
  3. Improve the evidence for SEND and pupil premium progress to be able to illustrate progress for these groups.

Effectiveness of the Early Years

Key areas for improvement

  1. Ensure regular and precise assessment and tracking to support planning to address pupil’s needs.
  2. Improve the outside learning environment to provide opportunities for independent learning.