The Sun class is for the upper end of the school and currently contains a mix of children from Years 5 & 6.  The class teachers are Mrs Hawes and Mrs Bakewell.

Last year Sun class worked on fame and Fortune, Inventions and Fighting Fit. These topics were supported by visits and visitors.  The class use a cross curricular approach and particularly enjoy linking art to other areas of the curriculum, like making clay horses.

In 2015-16 the topics included On the Move, South America and Olympics/Ancient Greece.  There were visits to Stansted Airport and Colchester Zoo.  In 2016-17 the first topic was Mysteries with a visit to Needham Lakes. In the spring term the topic was China .

Some children in this class take part in extension activities with other schools in the area.  This year all the children are learning to play the guitar.

The children in year 6 do some adventure days before they move to high school.

The curriculum for the summer term is shown in the Sun class topic web for Helmingham Child .