Welcome to Helmingham Community Primary School.

As parents and carers, you will want your child to be happy, safe and secure whilst at school. At Helmingham, we believe that all our pupils are valued and cared for. Learning and teaching is tailored to individual needs; a creative and stimulating curriculum helps to engage the children and we make excellent use of our school grounds and local environment.

Our school aims to:

  • Provide a stimulating, challenging environment and to encourage a
    positive attitude towards learning.
  • Encourage children to become both purposeful and independent
  • Provide a welcoming, friendly and supportive environment, where
    children can achieve their potential and learn to work co-operatively
    with one another.
  • Develop a caring and sensitive attitude towards others and to
    embrace the wider Christian values, including honesty, trust, tolerance
    and respect.
  • Nurture links between school, home and the wider community.